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About Our ENT Practice

Dr. Stark has been an ENT practicing in the area since 1988. He has a passion for providing quality care in all areas of ear nose and throat practice. He is a native Texan.He embraces cutting edge technology, and has extensive experience with modern nasal and sinus surgeries, including the use of sinus dilation balloons and micro-fiber lasers.

Our office is equipped for diagnosing allergies with a variety of test techniques. Dr. Stark does still believe that properly performed skin testing is the most accurate of the ways to diagnose allergy. (It can be performed in a painless manner). We offer conventional "shot": immunotherapy as well as allergy drops form of allergy therapy. Sublingual immunotherapy or allergy drop treatment differs from the usual allergy shots regimen in that the drops are placed underneath the tongue. This form of treatment slowly desensitizes you from your hypersensitivity to
pollens, dander, mold, dust mites and other allergy triggers.

As a former SCUBA dive instructor and Navy veteran, Dr. Stark has a special interest in the ventilation system that allows us to equalize pressure and "clear our ears" usually called the Eustachian tube. He has traveled to Boston and San Francisco to learn a novel technique for fixing obstruction in the area with sinus balloon type instruments.

Dr. Schroder has been a practicing Audiologist since 1979, with most of her time spent in Kansas, most recently as a faculty member at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We strive to find the best means for helping those with hearing loss by the proper fitting of the highest quality hearing instruments. Additionally Dr. Stark is one of the few ear surgeons in the Houston area performing hearing restoration with the Maxum hearing implant. This has provided his patients with levels of improved hearing that conventional hearing aids cannot match. We have big city knowledge of patient care and technology provided in a small town atmosphere of community, integrity, honesty and respect. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive ENT, Audiology, and Allergy services in one easily accessed location.