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Patient Testimonials

I am so grateful I began using immunotherapy drops a year ago. Since I began using the drops I am amazed how many things have improved: better sleep, fewer headaches, easier to breathe, no more eyes that are swollen shut. The drops are convenient to use and I appreciate not needing to go into the office for an allergy shot each week. One of the best decisions I have made! If you are worried about scheduling weekly shots this is the perfect solution.
- Nancy S.
I am an experienced hearing aid user, and this was my 4th pair of hearing aids. I have a severe hearing loss, and was struggling with my communications. Dr. Teresa Schroder, the audiology specialist, was very patient when testing and interviewing me, and was able to fit me with a pair of aids customized for my hearing loss. She programmed them perfectly the first time
(which has never happened to me before). I am now able to function at an almost normal level - TV, phone, conversations, music, noisy situations - all these are handled amazingly well by these aids. Highly recommended
- Thank You! Ken B.
I have been wearing hearing aids for two years. I recently started working with Dr. Schroder and for the first time since I got them, I can actually hear with them. She programmed the hearing aids in a much different way, with the hearing aids on my ears using real speech to help make sure I was hearing all the sounds I need to hear to understand the words. I have been very pleased. The staff is great and really friendly.
John M.
Hurry! Don't wait! I waited 15 years too long. Get "R Done! It's easy. Dr. Stark's office provides the best of care and Dr. Schroder and the office staff is GREAT!
Burt Wells (87 year old patient)
My family nagged my Dad, Burt, for years to PLEASE get a hearing aid, it was damaging his ability to converse and maintain relationships that were important to him. We finally convinced him to go in and just talk to Dr. Schroder, the audiologist at Dr. Stark's office. She was kind, patient and helpful. Dad with a hearing aid is new and improved! We are so grateful to Dr. Schroder and all the staff who continue to be kind, patient and helpful to my Father.
Nancy Wells (daughter of 87 year old patient)
My family has been cared for by Dr. Stark for over 10 years. From office visits to surgeries, the level of care provided by Dr. Stark is remarkable. He is an incredibly compassionate physician who listens to his patients and takes the time to explain procedures and treatments. The members of Dr. Stark’s staff are always pleasant and exceptionally helpful. I would recommend Dr. Stark to anyone looking for a physician who has an abundance of experience and treats his patients with the utmost respect. Amber S.
Maxum patient testimonial: I have been hard of hearing since I was in my teens. It has gotten worse over the years. I have worn hearing aids now for about 20 years. As a law professor, I was fortunate to be able to buy the best, but, at best, it only helped to a certain point, and at times it was difficult to understand my students. My wife said I was “wife deaf”, but sadly it was much worse. I recently retired as the senior law professor, and presently am 71 years old. In May 2014, I had the Esteem device implanted in my worse hearing ear, It cost $40,000… this is not an easy surgery and the recovery is long… I did even more research on the web and learned about the Maxum implant. It was substantially less expensive ($10,600) and performed by my former ENT, Dr. Thomas Stark. …. These devices are quite different, …. But I decided to take a chance. The surgery was a breeze and recovery was quick. Dr. Stark did an excellent implantation. My hearing is as good as with the Esteem.Byron D